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Anyone seen any coverage of this game?

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fattychubs said...
The crackdown 2 announcement was sweet, has anyone seen any coverage of this game beyond the MS press conference? Just curious if they had anything hands on, or it was on the show floor or something.

Are we going to have to stop our loved ones from trying to find 300 orbs again?
Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 01/MAY/10
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I didn't even get to see the E3 coverage :( I heard it looked better than the first one, though.
Yeah it looked to be all concept footage, not gameplay. But stylistically it looks pretty sweet.
I will definitely play Crack down 2... the 4 player coop sounds awesome.
I also only saw the conference footage. I thought it looks pretty different from the original games. Still looks nice though. :)
I didn't see it on the show floor, though it may be behind closed doors.

Left4Dead 2 is on the show floor, I got to play it some :)
There coming out with crackdown 2, cool, it's about time they make a sequel. Also how was Left 4 Dead 2? I only saw the trailer on steam.
I know left 4 dead on steam it kinda crap and good same time
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