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fattychubs's gameplay for Uno Rush (X360)

fattychubs played Uno Rush

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fattychubs said...
  • frustrated
Um I am not sure I want Uno to be frantic. They took the most casual, one button, no-brainer Xbox Live game, and made it fast, frantic and frustrating.

I played Uno when I wanted to chill out and chat with friends, not curse my TV because I picked the wrong card to move over and the timer ran out and forced me to draw when I had a move. I am just not finding much here that makes this as good of an experience as playing Uno, Although I am not ready to completely dismiss it yet, I am just concerned its not hitting the right audience.
Uno Rush

Uno Rush (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Card Game
Release Date: 25/MAR/09
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Oh no. Now I don't think I am going to get it. Sounds like they ruined one of the best arcade games out there!
It's just a big change of gears, you think Uno and you are expecting a straight forward card game, but you are getting something entirely different. It really doesn't even need to be cards, it would actually be better if they used some other token to make the interface clearer.

So I am not ready to say its a bad game, just not what I was expecting from 'Uno'.
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