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fattychubs played Puzzle Kingdoms

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fattychubs said...
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So I just got this from Direct2Drive, I forgot it was coming out. It's made by the folks that did Puzzle Quest, and this time it's like Heroes of Might and Magic but with Puzzles.

Only got to play for a bit, but I am really liking it so far. The Puzzles have you matching symbols, but you slide the whole row or column 1 piece at a time, and 3 or more only have to be touching not in a row. You can also see the next piece that will appear when you move it.


Instead of attacking the enemy hero directly you have to wipe out troops, and each troop can attack when you match the symbols required. Your heros level up with new abilities and spells and you can get a bunch of items as well.

A little early to tell just how good this is yet, but anytime you mash up two of my favorite games ever Heroes of Might and Magic and Puzzle Quest consider me sold, and anything under $20 is a bargain =)
Puzzle Kingdoms

Puzzle Kingdoms (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date:
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Better than PuzzleQuest?
I've played Puzzle Quest 200+ hours on 3 different platforms, I've played this game less then an hour on PC. I need some more time to figure out which is better =)
Ha, good answer.
Puzzle Quest is awesome! I have it on the 360 and love it. Not sure if I'll get the latest one. They are asking $15 for it and a buddy says is not as good as the first.
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