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fattychubs's gameplay for Planetstorm (WEB)

fattychubs played Planetstorm

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fattychubs said...
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Planetstorm (WEB)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
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I'll let you have the Planetstorm page. :)
Is this basically Warstorm with modern stuff rather than fantasy stuff?
@WayneMSmith yeah kind of from what i remember. its tech based, rather than fantasy based and the units all have higher amount of hit points, but also higher damaging attacks. in the few hands i played the battles seemed to last longer, however i was quite a bit confused on all the workings of the cards, though i havent played since they first released...has it changed much fatty?
@squidpunch yeah I felt the same way... the cards just seemed much more complicated in how they explain the battle progress. Maybe I just have too much invested in Warstorm to make the jump over the planetstorm. I really wanted to dig on planetstorm because of the SciFi aspects of it. Maybe some day.
Yeah so as stated Planetstorm is the same engine, just with a sci-fi twist, and some tweaks. It's not as mature as Warstorm is in the game aspects yet. Only two factions, and no expansions filling out the strategies yet. I think it could grow into a solid alternative as the design paths branch for the two games. However my heart is still with Warstorm.
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